Connecting people to people

The missing link in the concept of “community” on news organizations’ Web sites: Who are these people? New media consultant Marshall Kirkpatrick says you can add the necessary social glue without trying to look like a cheesy Facebook… Read More

Looking ahead to the ‘iPod moment’ for newspapers

What the iPod has done to the music business, another device will do to the newspaper business, writes Charles Arthur, a technology editor at The Guardian. This is not a new notion, but Arthur’s post is particularly well… Read More

Web design 101: What the audience sees

A colleague from another university recently polled a Listserv about how students should test their online page designs. Here are some concrete data from this blog, from the FeedBurner statistics from Aug. 1-30, 2007. First, the common screen… Read More

Infographic: Minneapolis bridge

The New York Times has put its well-developed graphic template (made with Flash, naturally) to good use on the bridge collapse story. I really admire this template. It’s clear to me that it eases workflow a lot —… Read More

Designing a much better news home page

Every so often, I blurt out something about how UGLY most newspaper Web pages are. Ugly to look at, ugly to use, hard to parse, cluttered — all of the above. Designer Andy Rutledge has written a wonderful… Read More

Disappearing multimedia: This is nuts

You have eight talented journalists working for hours under deadline pressure. They produce one of the best-ever examples of online storytelling. You post it on your Web site. You link it very prominently to the related stories. You… Read More

Screen Design 101: New York Times Slideshow

So, you have decided to venture out beyond Soundslides and design an original interface for your site’s slideshows (or videos). Let’s take a look at a good example from The New York Times. Amazing Girls is a package… Read More