Examining the changes at USA Today’s site

At the Editors Weblog today: Is USA Today’s orientation toward social networking detrimental to its journalistic purpose? a full examination by Jean Yves Chainon. Kinsey Wilson, executive editor of USA Today, considers the Web site: … as a… Read More

Big stories — too big

I was just telling students yesterday in my Advanced Online course that when they are sitting in the online editor’s position one day in the future, and a big investigative project is under way in their newsroom, it… Read More

Design behaving badly

Maybe I should make this a weekly feature. What do you think? The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest, Calif. Herald & Review, Decatur, Ill. Bastrop Daily Enterprise, Bastrop, La. The Journal Times, Racine, Wisc. Have at ’em. Technorati tags: design… Read More

Khoi Vinh on The Times redesign

The Times of London recently launched a smart, crisp redesign of its Web site, and Khoi Vinh wrote a fabulous illustrated critique of it earlier this week. (Vinh is the design director at NYTimes.com.) I don’t like to… Read More

What people really think about news Web sites

Okay, Koci just implored us all not to complain so much, but Steve at Lost Remote has posted the funniest list of gripes that real users have, and even though it points out all the bad stuff about… Read More

Package analysis: Explore the Human Heart

This beautiful animated graphic from National Geographic provides a wonderful example of how to construct a multipart package: Explore the Human Heart The first thing to think about is simplicity. It’s big, it’s clear, it’s easy to read,… Read More

Under the hood: washingtonpost.com’s new look

I was wondering when The Washington Post was going to comment about its Web redesign on its nice behind-the-scenes blog. Now they have: To better highlight our award-winning video and photo content, we’ve added a multimedia strip to… Read More