A good discussion of Flash vs. AJAX

Browsing around on SlideShare.net, I found this presentation by Jonathan Boutelle, the chief technology officer of SlideShare. While there’s not a lot of text on each slide (which is, in fact, good), Boutelle has included all his remarks… Read More

Those browser wars (or, what about IE 7?)

This post is an answer to all those students who whine about testing CSS (and Web design in general) in multiple Web browsers. To save time, they would like to simply design for their own browser and their… Read More

5 things you can do to improve news graphics now

Is it really such a bad thing to take a flat print graphic straight out of the newspaper and stick it on your Web site? Meranda Watling thinks so. She rips Ohio.com — the Web site of the… Read More

Choices for how you present the news

Even though a recent graduate of our journalism program wrote a fine story for the Associated Press about the tornadoes that swept across Florida early this morning, I liked the BBC story better. Why? Because of the links… Read More

Great video — but maybe not the best player

I found this video by Angela Grant of the San Antonio (Texas) Express-News to be exceptional in its intimacy and focus. I had a somewhat unpleasant technical experience with it, though, and I hope Grant will leave a… Read More

Newspapers: Fix your RSS feed(s), please

I’m about to dump — bigtime — on my local daily newspaper, The Gainesville Sun (owned by The New York Times company, by the way). So all you colleagues over there, put on your weatherproof attire and listen… Read More

Some real interactivity (for a change)

Very interesting package from MSNBC.com on the U.S. president’s State of the Union Address. Note that this is actually INTERACTIVE. Wow! And the interactivity is meaningful too! Unfortunately, it does the annoying page-reload thing I blasted in my… Read More