Flash 8 update available

I should have known Macromedia (Adobe) would address the gnarly IE ActiveX problem. The updater can be downloaded from this page. This update is for Flash 8 only. It works as a MM extension (.mxp), so you download… Read More

SWFObject is okay!

I ran a test this morning and all is well. SWFObject (formerly FlashObject) performed perfectly in both IE 6 (the “updated” version) and Firefox 1.5. Later this week I will post an illustrated tutorial for those who feel… Read More

Microsoft IE ActiveX tactic interferes with Flash content

For visitors to your Web site who use IE, as of now (or very soon), your Flash content will not work properly for them. Your users with Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc., will not be affected. But all those… Read More

Sorry, you can’t read that

Reading up on the 2006 Pulitzers, like any good journalist can’t help doing, I got curious about one of The Washington Post’s four Prize-winners, a three-part series about attempts to bring democracy to Yemen. So I go to… Read More

What are ‘Rich Internet Applications’?

A student asked me this recently. He had seen the phrase “rich media” in an article and thought the author was trying to coin a new phrase. I’m familiar with the phrase through Macromedia (now part of Adobe),… Read More