Setting up a private blog for group editing

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Your syllabus as a blog: How to do it

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What people search for online

When you’re writing a blog, you should check your stats from time to time (I’m not as obsessive about it as some are) to see what people are reading, where they came from (referrers), what they click in… Read More

Using WordPress in reporting classes

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Teaching online with

In the fall semester of 2010, I taught a graduate course called New Media and a Democratic Society using a blog as both syllabus and the means of delivering all assignments. The class did meet face to… Read More

Getting started with WordPress

Here’s a new, stripped-down, easy-to-follow introduction to WordPress — the free blogging platform that also works as a versatile content management system: WordPress Basics This short tutorial is based on the second installment in my Reporter’s Guide to… Read More