Contents of a journalist’s backpack

Neerav Bhatt describes himself as a professional blogger, photographer, geek and qualified librarian. Okay, so he never says “journalist,” but if you read his post that accompanied the photo below, I think you’ll forgive my headline. He’s got… Read More

Looking at jQuery for visual journalism

With all this talk about the so-called death of Adobe Flash, the future of HTML5, etc., I thought I should take a closer look at jQuery. This post is intended to give you an overview and help you… Read More

The role of Flash in a news organization (Part 2)

I think the absence of high-up, home page play for Flash graphics represents a missed opportunity. News organizations could use compelling interactive graphics to make their site a real daily destination — and differentiate themselves from Google News…. Read More

Trifecta for success in the new new journalism

There’s more to this brave new world of journalism than technology skills. Business sense will play a large role in the rest of your career, whether you are a journalism student or a seasoned veteran. If journalism students… Read More

Why the Las Vegas Sun is so great (Part 3)

Previously: Part 1 (Introduction to the Sun) and Part 2 (What They Do) While they’re shooting tons of video and chasing breaking news, the journalists at the Las Vegas Sun also manage to produce some darned impressive large… Read More

AVCHD becoming less of a bear

Last fall I blogged about the choice between a MiniDV video camera and the new tapeless models (Tape vs. hard drive vs. card, and AVCHD). The AVCHD format poses some challenges if you are trying to work with… Read More

Advice for fresh journalism graduates (from a May graduate)

A spring 2008 graduate of our journalism program got a job as an editorial producer with That means he gets paid to watch baseball and write about it. Sweet, no? So to help out other journalism students,… Read More