Society of Professional Journalists Student Chapter 2008

University of Florida | 14 October 2008

Tools Training for Journalists

The Internet can help you manage information overload, organize your sources, stay on top of your beat, get great tips ahead of everyone else, and promote yourself and your work. You can do all of this with free tools, without learning any programming or code.

Social Bookmarks, News Feeds, and Microblogging

Start a Blog at

Get started with blogging, stress-free: This provides the basic steps for setting up a brand-new blog at (totally free).

Tip: Delete the "Hello, world!" post that WordPress included automatically for you. If you don't delete it, the order of your blog posts will be messed up.

Learn about tags and categories:

Make a good blogroll. If there is no blogroll heading in the sidebar of your blog, you need to add the Links widget. Here's how:

The FAQ has answers to almost any question you can ask about managing your blog.

More Blogging Tips and Tricks

Web Space

Online Journalism Courses at UF


Teaching Online Journalism
My blog about digital storytelling and how newsrooms are changing.

A blog where you'll learn about the latest Web technologies and trends.

A blog focused exclusively on social networks and news about them.

A blog offering "tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you get things done smarter and more efficiently."