Image: Journalists' Toolkit
Journalists' Toolkit: A site where I post tutorials and tips about audio, video, Soundslides, blogs, and other tools for telling journalism stories on digital platforms.
Image: Flash Journalism
Flash Journalism: A frequently updated resource site for journalists and storytellers who are learning Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0. Free tutorials; links to professional examples.


Image: Teaching Online Journalism
Teaching Online Journalism: A blog where I post ideas about teaching, links to examples from professional journalists, tips and tutorials, and anything else that seems suitable to the topic.
Image: New Media and a Democratic Society
New Media and a Democratic Society: This course blog might serve as an example to others of how to run a course online using I used it to teach a graduate theory course.
Image: Tips for Writing for the Web
Tips for Writing for the Web: A one-page guide that summarizes basic do's and don'ts about online writing styles and best practices.
Image: Against Plagiarism
Against Plagiarism: A site intended to help students learn what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.


Image: Scholarly Articles about Online Journalism
Scholarly Articles about Online Journalism: An annotated, curated list of some of the most useful and interesting studies from 2002 to the present.
Image: Online Media Types
Online Media Types: A grid breaks these types into subtypes and clarifies differences among them.
Image: Interactivity
Interactivity: Studies of this attribute range widely from hardware to human activity, from perception to telepresence. This curated list centers on communication studies.
Image: Blog Research
Blog Research: A micro-site intended to provide a fast start for a literature review in a study of blogging or blogs.



Ini Di Sini: A blog where I am writing about Indonesia and my work there as a Fulbright Senior Scholar.
Southeast Asia Trip Blog (2008): I spent two months traveling around Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, including two weeks training Vietnamese journalists in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
Notes About Malaysia (2004–2005): The site where I logged my wonderful Fulbright experience in Malaysia.