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Planning Multimedia Packages

This page accompanies a half-day training session for journalists.

Examples of Multimedia Packages


Explore the Human Heart, National Geographic (analysis)

Liberians in Minnesota, Star Tribune, Minneapolis (analysis)

Frugal Traveler: American Road Trip, New York Times (analysis)

40 Years of RESPECT, Detroit Free Press (analysis)


Virginia Tech Shootings, New York Times (analysis)

Vincent Brothers Murder Trial, Bakersfield Californian (analysis)

Burma Protests 2007, BBC News


Raising Cash, Washington Post (analysis)

D.C. Schools Scorecard, Washington Post

Calendar Events

SXSW 2006, Dallas Morning News

Burning Man, Las Vegas Sun

What Kind of People Will You Need?

Essential Personnel

A single person might be able to serve in two or even three of these positions on the team, but it's unlikely that one person will be able to do it all.

Essential Roles

See the handout for details.

Planning Before Reporting

  1. Start with your questions.
  2. Brainstorm about the story modules.
  3. Finalize the list of story modules.
  4. Plan the reporting for each module. The designer(s), graphic artist(s) and online producers MUST be involved at this stage, if not earlier.

See the handout for details.

Further Reading

Journalism Stories: A Multimedia Approach

How St. Pete Times reporter Matt Waite built PolitiFact

Writing for the Web (one page of tips)

Online Media Types (how to use text, photos, graphics, video, audio and reader interaction or participation)

A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change, by Adrian Holovaty

Learning Flash

10-Minute Flash Tutorials (honestly, only 10 minutes each)

Simple Flash Project: Single SWF (your first Flash package) (companion Web site to the book)

Journalists' Toolkit: Flash Resources

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